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Next Gen Ranger Rear Lift Block Kit (2")

Next Gen Ranger Rear Lift Block Kit (2")

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Elevate the COMFORT and PERFORMANCE of your Next Gen Ranger with the Profender Rear Lift Blocks.

This beautifully finished product allows you to achieve your desired ride height utilising your existing factory leaf springs, further enhancing your overall driving experience.

The Profender Next Gen Ranger Lift Blocks are fitted between the leaf spring and rear axle, which raises the tail shaft and rear axle to the point where you emulate factory angles and setup.

Some of the Key Features of this premium Profender product are:
  • Precision Craftsmanship: Crafted from Machined Billet 6000 Grade Aluminium, this lift block boasts exceptional durability, designed to outlast the life of your vehicle.
  • Stability Assurance: Engineered for stability, the steel locating pin guarantees a secure fit, instilling confidence in every journey.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond functionality, the signature Profender Red Anodised finish adds a touch of style, making a statement on the road while delivering reliable, long-term performance.
  • Pinion Angle Adjustment: Fine-tune your vehicle's performance with the built-in pinion angle adjustment.
  • Effective 2" Rear Lift: Combines with your factory leaf springs to give a 2" rear lift for your Next Gen Ranger.

This Next Gen Ranger Rear Lift Block Kit from Profender comes complete with U-Bolts for easy installation. No additional parts are required.

The product display images are for illustrative purposes only. The actual product finish, contents, colour, installation outcome and general appearance may vary.

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